Instant gratification for developers

If you’re a developer, you know the feeling – and if you’re not, I’m sure you can imagine it: you have just written the most amazing little piece of code, and nobody is there to kiss your feet, praise some deity for your existence and generally worship you in the way you deserve.

I set out to solve this problem by creating a DXCore plugin for Visual Studio. DXCore is a fantastic product to help you bring round Visual Studio to your point of view, in this case by making it a substitute worshipper of your computer programming intellect. With this plugin installed, every time you build a project successfully, Visual Studio will sing your praise, perhaps like this:

Or maybe like this:

Now, while I was working on bending Visual Studio to my will, I found I had to make certain concessions. So I gave VS the right to swear at me when I get something wrong – that way everybody is happy! So when your build fails, VS might show you one of these messages:

Great, isn’t it? Instant gratification! Ah, okay, the odd swear word as well, but then you’re not supposed to make mistakes after all.

If you want this, here’s what you do:

Go to this post to get the most current version!

If you have other great ideas what the plugin should do or say, let me know!

14 Comments on Instant gratification for developers

  1. You may want to mention that Hinting | Billboard Messages must be enabled. I had mine disabled and I could not see the message after a compile.


  2. Oliver,How do I adjust the size? Looks too small on my monitor. I tried adjusting the size and color of the Billboard Message but it didnt seem to matter.


  3. Hi Robert,Good point about the billboard messages – of course they are on by default :-)Adjusting the size isn’t currently implemented. The message always tries to be almost as large as your editor window. As a result, the font is smaller for longer pieces of text and larger for shorter ones. Would you say that the behavior you’re seeing doesn’t fit this description? Perhaps there’s something else amiss…Thanks Oliver


  4. Wasn’t sure if I can send screen shots through here so I send it along in an email to you.


  5. LOL, You Rule!


  6. This is great! :-)What do you think of adding a feature to get related sounds played? I mean it would kick me of my chair if "Compiled, baby" also bangs out of the speakers.Thanks for this motivating plugin.Cheers


  7. This rocks Oliver! Thanks.


  8. Great stuff – though now I always check twice before compiling 😉


  9. Anders Øyvind // June 4, 2009 at 1:04 pm // Reply


    I’ve installed the latest DX version (2009 vol 1).

    I didn’t get it to work, but Oliver made me aware of a change some versions back. In the DevExpress/Options dialog, under Core/Startup, there is a field named Community Plugin Folder. The Plugin folder placed under this folder is where the plugin should be placed.

    I liked the “All errors well hidden, eh?” message on a successful compile. 🙂


  10. LOL! how about some XAF/XPO ones? 🙂


  11. Will be a version 2 for this plugin?
    Could be a Multilanguaje?
    would the Base for Mensajes editable?

    Thanks a lot.
    Yeah i feeling the exiting that be programer.


  12. Hi Gabriel (?),

    version 2 – don’t know – what would be in it?

    Multilanguage, and editing messages – sure. You can edit the messages today, just look at the Options dialog. I guess you should be able to put in ones in other languages as well. Let me know if it doesn’t work for you.



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