Testing Sony Vaio support, part 3 – machine is on its way back

There was a bit of a confusion last week, when the DHL guy didn’t have all the details – apparently the Sony guys were expecting the machine to come in the next day and when it didn’t, they called me to ask why the pickup had gone wrong. Well, I had already received the receipt from DHL by then and I called them to tell them so, but by that time they had already received the machine and it was scheduled for repair. That was Thursday last week.

I went to Germany for Cebit on Friday, and in the late afternoon I received an SMS telling me the machine had been shipped back! No further information though. I tried tracking the package on my BlackBerry, but found that the DHL tracking website doesn’t find a BlackBerry web browser worthy of accessing that info. Tracking on the computer was somewhat impaired by the fact that while they’d sent me that SMS, I didn’t have the same info as an email. Hm. Also, even though I had a case number from Sony, I wasn’t able to find any status info about the case on their support page – I do have an “eSupport” account there, but the case wasn’t listed in there.

Anyway, tracking tells me that I should receive the package today (Monday 9th), so I’m hopeful – assuming everything’s really fine with the machine, that would be a pretty good turn-around.

1 Comment on Testing Sony Vaio support, part 3 – machine is on its way back

  1. It’s quite funny that DHL doesn’t provide browsing services for a Blackberry.


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