Basta Spring 2008 slides and samples

I apologize for the delay – with my computer dying and everything, it took me longer than it should have to make my slides and samples for the Basta sessions available here. They should also be available here (but aren’t, yet) and each delegate will get sent a CD sooner or later – that’s as much info as I have.

Anyway, here are the downloads for my sessions (some of them together with Ian Cooper):

C# 3.0 Workshop – Everything you need to know about C# 3.0 (1551978 bytes)

Einfuehrung zu C# 3.0 (1168992 bytes)

C# 3.0 – Interessante Use Cases ausserhalb von LINQ (644553 bytes)

Extensible LINQing (402259 bytes)

The future of C# and other .NET languages (838316 bytes)

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