Google Maps now works in my Firefox

That’s right, in my Firefox – it was never a problem in most other people’s Firefoxes. I’d been having problems with it for many years, in various versions of Firefox and on several different computers. I’m thinking I might even have had this problem when I was still running Linux on my main machine. Not just Google Maps, also Live Maps and a few other mapping sites. Weird, yes, but somehow it never seemed important enough to look into – I just used IE instead and it worked in there.

Anyway, I finally hunted it down and as usual the answer is simple once you know it. There was a setting in the prefs.js file in my profile: user_pref("dom.disable_image_src_set", true); Got rid of the line, now everything works. Great, eh?

How did that setting get there? I don’t know, I certainly didn’t insert it myself… it seems to be related to the other dom settings, which you can find from the Options dialog, with the Advanced JavaScript settings. But there’s no checkbox that seems to be related to this disable_image_src_set thing. I’m guessing it was there at one time, but they removed it, leaving people with this problem. Oh well.

3 Comments on Google Maps now works in my Firefox

  1. Well I must say thank you. I have had this problem on and off on both Windows and Linux in firefox. Like you I was never too fussed as there was always a machine I could use. After coming across your blog I looked on my Linux machine for the prefs.js and found a lot of them. After looking at one of them I realized that I could change this with the URL "about:config". Needless to say the maps started working immediately.I also have never touched this option and I suspect that there are plugins that may have changed this value when being installed.thank you


  2. I got some problems as well in locating my google Maps in my firefox but thanks for this TIPS because I were able to sort things out by following yout tips. Now I got no problem sorting this sort of problems because anywhere I go or anywhere I used my pc it is already easier for me .


  3. In my case, the solution was to unset general.useragent.override (on the about:config page).


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