VBUG Conference 2007 drawing closer

October 17th and 18th this year, the VBUG conference 2007 takes place at Microsoft Campus in Thames Valley Park in Reading. Here’s the official info PDF about the conference. I’ll be speaking there about LINQ as well as WPF, and if you’re interested in Developer Express technology, this is the place to be because I’ll have a booth there and I’ll be ready to demonstrate all the products and answer all your questions. Looking forward to meeting you there!

2 Comments on VBUG Conference 2007 drawing closer

  1. Hi Oliver,Thanks for an excellent speech on LINQ at VBUB conference. I’ve waited for your presentations on VBUG website but it’s not there yet, as promised.Thanks,Paul.


  2. Hi Paul,I’m sorry about that. I got back to the VBUG organizers again and asked them to put everything up on their site. I hope it’s going to happen very soon. I would publish everything myself, but as I’m currently in Vegas, hard at work preparing for DevConnections, there’s just no time… in any case I’ll be sure to put the slides and samples up myself as soon as I can. Thanks for the reminder!


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