On my way to Basta!

I’m now at Edinburgh airport, on my way to the Basta! conference in Germany. Yeah, I know it starts only Monday, but I’m staying with a friend for two days first.

Turns out Basta! is going to be extremely busy for me… I already knew I was going to be the Developer Express representative there, and that I was going to do four sessions, and that I’d attend the Basta Innovation Award ceremony as a member of the award jury, but now it turns out that I’m also doing a workshop on Monday morning because Marcel can’t make it, and I’m jurying the Prog-around-the-Clock competition as well.

The workshop is going to be based on my .NET 3 – The Game Challenge talk. I’ve done this three times so far, where the first and the last occasion were very good, the other one so-so, partly due to a rather unexpected degree of attendee interaction <g>. In any case the session seems ideal for a workshop: it’s always been rather longer than a standard speaking slot allowed it to be, and of course there’s just so much more to say about both main topics (WPF and WCF).

If you’re in Germany for Basta!, make sure to stop by and say hello, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person!

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