Great time at NRW 07

I was at NRW 07 last Friday and had a great time. For Developer Express I did a mini “booth” there and had a chance to demo some of our products to interested attendees. I also did my .NET 3 – The Game Challenge session again, which went fantastic this time – according to the feedback, it was one of the best three sessions at the event! Apparently nobody had a problem with VS 2008 beta 2 crashing at least three times 🙂

I also met up with a bunch of people, some of which I hadn’t known before the event. So here’s a hello to Thomas, Mischa, Lars, KarimKai, Frank, Constantin, Christian, and of course Craig, Marcel, Daniel, Stephan, Michael and Andreas. Sorry to everybody I forgot off the top of my head, that’s how it is with events where one is busy…

3 Comments on Great time at NRW 07

  1. Yes, your session was cool :)Hope you and Craig had a nice return journey and we meet again some time.Greetings from GermanyKarim


  2. thanks for the greetings! I hope we meet us soon again to talk about developing ;-)regardsLars


  3. Yeah, it was real fun attending the sessions and hanging around with all the smart guys. Thanks for helping me to calm down before my very first talk 🙂 Hope to meet you again next year.


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