AudioTron with Vista file server

I was just trying to connect my AudioTron to a Vista machine that has my music collection on it. The network connection didn’t work, because the Audiotron is using an old version of the relevant network protocols. This is just a “note to self” type post to remind me what I needed to change in the security policy of the Vista machine to make it work:

  • LAN Manager authentication level set to Send LM and NTLM responses
  • Do not store LAN Manager hash value on next password change set to Disabled
  • Change the password back and forth if set before, so that the LAN Manager hash value can be updated


9 Comments on AudioTron with Vista file server

  1. I cannot get my Audiotrons to be recognized on my newly installed Vista machine when running the Audiotron setup utility. They were viewed fine before installing Vista. I do not understand the changes in security policy you mention; perhaps they are not applicable as I do not believe I am using a LAN manager. Any ideas?Thanks


  2. Hi DavidI wasn’t using the Audiotron setup utility (I had nearly forgotten there was such a beast, to be honest <g>), but otherwise I suspect you have the same problems I was seeing. The LAN Manager thing is one of the historic details about Windows networking – a lot of it comes from (very!) old network server products. See here and here for background information, if you’re interested.In any case, here’s how to change the two options I referred to in my post (you need to do that on a Vista machine that you want to access from the Audiotron, to be clear): Open the Administrative Tools folder – for instance via the Control Panel or using one of the other links you may have on you Start menu, depending on your configuration. Double-click Local Security Policy. In the Local Security Policy window, expand the Local Policies node and click on Security Options. In the list on the right side of the window, find the entry Network security: LAN Manager authentication level. Double-click it and change the value to Send LM & NTLM responses. Find the entry called Network security: Do not store LAN Manager hash value on next password change. Change it to Disabled. Don’t forget to set the relevant password again after this, so that the LAN Manager hash value actually gets created. I changed the password back and forth to be absolutely sure everything was recreated.This is what made the Audiotron work with my system. Please note that it is probably possible that you break other functionality by doing this (but highly unlikely, is my educated guess) or open security holes (the second option is related to security – the threat is certainly a real one, but if you have the machine on your internal network and it’s not accessible from the outside, you may want to take the risk like I am).


  3. Wonderful! Worked like a charm and certainly will save countless others the trouble of figuring out how to keep their audiotron alive & kicken’Thanks!


  4. Any idea how to make audiotron work on Home Premium, since local policy is not accessible as in Business and Ultimate versions?


  5. Hi Matt – sorry, no idea. I guess it’s possible that there’s no builtin tool to do it, since the main restriction of the Home version compared to the others is the (lack of) network functionality, afaik. You may be able to figure out what registry changes are effectively being made by the policy editor (on a Vista version where it works) and reproduce these changes on your system. Or install a proper (as in "not crippled") Vista SKU, of course 🙂


  6. Matt – Found this site and also: <; Did the Audiotron side things suggested and it woked! Did NOT do the server side stuff.I’m also running Vista Hom Premium. Network and sharing center settings are: discover on, sharing on, public folder sharing on, printer sharing on, password protected sharing off, media sharing on.Good luck!


  7. Tom Hughes // August 4, 2007 at 8:14 am // Reply

    Thanks for the advice from Oliver and to Steve above. I tried Oliver’s advice and was still having problems. Changing the Sharing options seems to have helped. I’d not sure what really made the difference but at least it now works.I was running Vista Home Premium but upgraded to Ultimate a few days ago because of the problem I was having with the Audiotron. I didn’t see Steve’s comment until a hour or so ago.


  8. Ron Calabrese // November 6, 2007 at 11:51 pm // Reply

    I have a PC (with Vista Home Premium) and have the same issue that Steve has had with trying to get my AudioTron to be able to access the files. I tried the web site mentioned ( but the page does not seem to be available. Steve, (or anyone) can you give me the specifics?Thanks.


  9. That was an awesome guide Oliver. My computer’s running on Vista Ultimate and it works. Thanks!


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