Weird thing installing SnagIt on Vista

Just came across this, and I thought I’d document it for myself and others. I was trying to install SnagIt on a newly installed Vista system and every time the installation just stopped right after the first wizard page, giving me a “Fatal Error Message” with the detail information “Installation ended prematurely because of an error.” I had already installed Camtasia before SnagIt, so I thought this was rather weird – seemed like if the installer worked for one of the products, it should work for the other just as well.

I searched the TechSmith forums and quickly found a link to a page where they already describe a solution to the problem. Now, the funny thing is that I already knew about that problem, having encountered in recently when installing the BlackBerry desktop on Vista, and I had already applied the solution on that machine.

Well, I did the “regsvr32 …” step once more, and it seemed to work – I was able to run the wizard and get past the point where it had previously stopped working. A few pages later is where the license key is requested, and I had to tab over to another app to find where I had stored the email with the key, and open it in an editor. I copied the license key, pasted it back in the SnagIt installation wizard, clicked Next, and …. I got the same Fatal Error message once more. Looks like somehow the VBScript runtime got unregistered on my system while I was looking for the license key.

I registered VBScript yet another time and ran the wizard. I still had the license key in the clipboard and I was careful to step through all the pages without doing anything else. As a result, everything went just like it should, and I got SnagIt installed. I don’t currently have any idea what caused the problem… I’m using more or less the same set of applications that I already had running on an old Vista installation, and on that system I had never had any problems with the SnagIt installer.

In any case that VBScript thing seems to be a running gag in Vista… I really wonder why it’s not registered by default, this seems to cause quite a few problems.

Update: I just found that Corel Draw 12 has the exact same problem, and once more VBScript had been uninstalled on my machine… guess I should figure out why the uninstalling happens all the time.

3 Comments on Weird thing installing SnagIt on Vista

  1. That’s really odd….. I’ve installed SnagIt on 3 or 4 Vista machines without an issue. What version are you installed? The latest? I’m running 8.2.3 (build 14) without incident. I even used Snagit when I did a demo on how to install the Snipping Tool on a vista box :)


  2. I think I’m more or less on the latest version, yes. But this is only partly a SnagIt problem – of course it would be advisable for software vendors to make sure that their installers don’t require that VBScript dll, which isn’t available on Vista by default. Far too few vendors have taken this step so far. But of course, once somebody has taken the necessary steps to register the dll manually, things should really work – I’m still not sure why the dll gets unregistered again and again on my system.


  3. Somethings I don’t try to understand why, just how to fix it!Trying to install the "Enterprise Library" I got this fatal error "application ended prematurely because of an error". Following this post I registered the VBScript and I got another error, but I tried to install Enterprise Library again and SUCCESS! I don’t know my version of Windows Vista, I just know that it is the Ultimate….Cheersobs: regsvr32 c:windowssystem32vbscript.dll


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