Vista RC1: Blocked startup applications?

After I had installed a number of applications on my Vista system, I had to restart at some point and when the system came back up, a notification popped up telling me there had been some startup applications that had not been run because of missing permissions. Clicking the prompt brought up this window:


Now, for the life of me I can’t figure out what the applications are that are supposedly problematic. The only one that kind of sticks out at me is Skype, but that has been started and is running nicely. The window doesn’t seem to contain any information that’s relevant to my problem at hand, i.e. seeing those applications that have allegedly not been run. There doesn’t seem to be a way either to change any of the settings for the listed applications – seeing that Skype is “Not yet classified”, I would assume I can now classify it. Apparently I can’t. So is somebody else doing the classifying? Huh? Must be me…

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