Office 2007 activation

So here’s Microsoft being themselves again… hundreds of people are complaining about the fact that Office 2007 can’t be activated right now, at least since this morning apparently. It’s nice that I can run “the software” 50 times without activation, but as “the software” includes all the single applications in the Office Professional package, this isn’t very much. After having a look at each app just once and getting Outlook to the point where it now synchronizes with my Exchange server, I’m down to about 30 starts left.

I’m not saying Microsoft shouldn’t have problems… I’m saying they could try communicating with their users, especially those who are trying to take time out of their own busy days to help MS test their software. So far there must be tens of threads about the activation problem in the forum linked above, and I have yet to find a single reply from somebody at MS, or any other information about the problem or its solution.

9 Comments on Office 2007 activation

  1. I absolutely agree.Yesterday, I purchased a copy of the PC Advisor Magazine containing the Office Beta software and i inputted the code from microsoft.I then found out that I need to activate the software by allowing the software to connect to the internet.I don’t nhave the net at home though which in turn makes the activation process impossible.I think that is an unfair way to force people to get the internet and I count it as extortion.


  2. The internet statement is invalid and it is not extortion.The only way for Microsoft to successfully rid unwarranted use of its software is internet-based activation. This is true for almost all software today.


  3. It’s not successful though, XP was pirated more than any other OS. All MS is doing is making hackers jump through a few hoops, at the expense of hassling paying customers. So looking at it logically…should software companies cater to people who pay for their products (thereby funding their very operation) or those who don’t?


  4. office 2007 activation key please


  5. Hi Billy – that’s easy, last I heard you could buy them from Microsoft…. oh wait, those are the serial numbers. The activation keys are actually secret, did you know that? Oh right, you wanted to steal one… well, you’re not going to find them in the comments on my blog.


  6. I’m glad this is behind us;)RegardsVincent<a href="; title="The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips and Tricks.">The World of Office, XP and Vista Tips and Tricks.</a>


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