WPF: Always remember rebuilding the solution

This is one funny thing I found while fiddling around with WPF, Cider and the other parts from the newest CTP release: every now and then it’s required to rebuild the complete solution. I suppose it’s not meant to be that  way, but I’ve had all kinds of interesting effects. One time there was a weird exception coming up at runtime, telling me that a Button can’t be cast to a ListBox. The other time it was just some initialization code for a control that was apparently being executed, but didn’t have any effect. Rebuilding the complete solution helped in both cases and my guess is that the problem came up when I made some changes to the XAML code of a window.

So if your WPF app seems to behave oddly, always remember rebuilding the solution – it might help.

3 Comments on WPF: Always remember rebuilding the solution

  1. Oliver-If you can come up with a reliable repro, please let us know on the forums!This sounds very bad.Thanks, Rob RelyeaProgram Manager, WPF Team<a href="http://rrelyea.spaces.live.com">http://rrelyea.spaces.live.com</a&gt;


  2. Never mind…I don’t know why your old post came up in Feedster, etc… so recently. I didn’t notice the old date on the post until now.Of course, if you still see this problem…let us know!


  3. Hey Rob, thanks for getting back to me. I haven’t had time yet to really test this with RC1, but when I do and I find anything, I’ll be sure to let you know.


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