2 Comments on Mum, that guy has three balls

  1. If you want to a MUCH better routine, check this out Bliss Diss


  2. You’re right, this is an even more fantastic routine. But I don’t like the way these guys want to point their fingers at the original idea… yes, and I have read all the comments and discussions. To me the whole thing is very simple: Chris Bliss did something that nobody had done before and he got applauded for that. However ugly an expert may find his routine, the crowd didn’t. So you doubt he did something that nobody had done before? Then maybe you’re looking in the wrong place – what he did was, he created a performance and had it published as a video on the internet, so that many people could see this kind of thing for the first time, including me. Why don’t those people who like to criticize him just better his performance in their own video, let people judge for themselves? Sure, now there is a video – but (a) it’s badly published (for instance I wasn’t able to download it, so my wife is never going to see it) and (b) it comes with all this childish "this is unfair, I’m better than you" type criticism.Anyway… just my 2p.


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