Vista CTP 5308 – no Nero Image Drive…

I just found out the hard way that low-level drivers like the Nero driver for the Image Drive feature may not be compatible with Vista at all. Right after I activated the driver, Vista crashed with a BSOD and I wasn’t able to boot back into it, not even in safe mode. I was able to use the Vista installation DVD to boot into the system recovery tools and restore the system from there using the last restore point. I’m sure this may be happening because I’m still on Nero 6… they never managed to explain to me why I should be updating to 7, maybe this is the first good reason.

Update: I can’t find any tool that lets me mount iso images on Vista… Microsoft’s own Virtual CD Control Panel doesn’t work either. Any hints?

12 Comments on Vista CTP 5308 – no Nero Image Drive…

  1. Have you tried Virtual Daemon? I haven’t tried it on Vista mainly because I stopped using Vista a few months ago. I could never get the S-Video out to work and I like to play video files from my Laptop to my TV. — Robert


  2. the Deamon tools worked in the last versions. installed the new one, but din’t tried to use them, since no time…


  3. Richard Nash // June 24, 2006 at 3:10 pm // Reply

    microsoft has put a bug in vista to stop illegal copying of software and games, i have recently spoken to a repersentative form microsoft who advised me that there is a way round it, but wouldnt tell me, so if any one finds out anything please contact me…


  4. Nero also claim that Nero 7 IS Vista compatible but ImageDrive doesn’t install. I spent a small fortune waiting on hold to first of be lied to then be told that ImageDrive is not compatible. I am now fighting with them to get a refund.I suggest not to buy Nero as the Roxio Easy Media Creator V9 DOES work on Vista and also allows you to create an ISO image which can be mounted – much more useful than Nero’s NRG files.Hopes this prevents Bero ripping many more people off with their mis-representations.


  5. nero 7.8 got installed but when i run image drive to enable it it says: "u dont have administrator rights to run this program"and i am the administartor .now what to do ?


  6. Try Virtual Clone by Elby, totally free and does the trick nicely. problems whatsoever.


  7. Virtual Clone doesn’t work with Vista x64…Still looking for a working alternative…


  8. yee i did the same… none of them work on vista. no image drive no good. and alot of program do’s not compatable with vista. no more vista my friend. return it….


  9. FWIW, I’m now using Daemon Tools on Vista Final, which work just fine for me.


  10. download WinImage, this resolved my problem with the administrator rights.


  11. Hi, I have Nero using Vista Ult 64, is there any Image drive that I could use on this OS… I have looked for Nero plug-ins but no-luck. Please could you help?


  12. Mohammad Taha // November 26, 2007 at 1:42 am // Reply

    Virtual Clone Works on Windows Vista only for .nrg DVD Images. With me it did not work on the CD images!! Any clues?


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