Session proposals submitted

DDD day 3 is on June 3rd, 2006, and last time there I promised I would submit a session proposal myself this time. Here are the two proposals I just put in – I hope they’re not so specific that nobody likes them 🙂

Refactoring made easy with Refactor!
Refactoring is the process of changing implementation details of methods, classes or other code entities, to promote readability, efficiency and/or performance, without changing the external interface of the code entity. Refactor! is a product that allows developers to perform Refactoring right there in the Visual Studio code editor. The aim of the session is to give an overview of the features in Refactor! and their use in C# as well as VB.NET projects, and to provide an introduction to the extensibility model in the product.

Designing a model based application architecture
 Basing an application on a model is a good idea because it makes it very easy to modify those parts of the application behaviour that depend on model data. But creating a useful model and the framework architecture to make it easily reusable is not a simple task. This session aims to describe some of the basic decisions that had to be made during the ongoing development of the eXpressApp Framework, a reusable application framework being developed by Developer Express.

And by the way – they’re still looking for speakers, so make sure you submit your own ideas as well!

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