Use Go To Definition in VS 2005

A question I heard this morning made me remember this, and I thought it might be one of those improvements that many haven’t noticed yet. In VS 2005, the “Go to Definition” functionality has been improved an awful lot, in that VS creates a source code representation of class and interface definitions instead of showing some obscure information in Object Browser.

Trying this on IList<T> gives me this output, for example:


The ellipsis symbols can be expanded, and they hide the XML comments on the members, which make the declaration even easier to understand intuitively:


2 Comments on Use Go To Definition in VS 2005

  1. I want it to be like it was in VS 2003 or VB6! I just want to be taken to the definition if it’s my own code, I don’t wanna go to the dang object browser! Waaaaaaaaah!


  2. Still does doesn’t it? Just if it can’t, it does the object browser thing.


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