Guidance Automation

Weird title, cool thing. Just a quick pointer to a toolkit that had so far escaped my attention: the Guidance Automation Toolkit and Extensions

In a nutshell, it allows you create wizards for VS very easily, that can perform complex tasks related to code generation. Input can be queried from the user, selections can be made from existing project items or XML files, and all this information can be used in the process of code generation. This can happen when new projects are created, or context sensitively from the menu of the solution explorer – probably in other places, I don’t know 🙂

A community site is here and there’s supposed to be a hands-on lab here, but it seems to be broken.

As far as I know, GAT is on the same timeline as the DSL tools and currently there’s no RTM compatible build available – I hope that’ll change soon.

1 Comment on Guidance Automation

  1. I managed to download the GAT Hands-On Lab from this address: the resulting file as a .zip file (not .htm as it suggests).


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