No time for text editor tests

I just thought it might be a good idea to write a post for my text editor category again – the problem is, I don’t currently have the time to do more tests. I haven’t lost interest in this, so rest assured there will be more tests as soon as my time allows it!

2 Comments on No time for text editor tests

  1. You may want to check out SlickEdit when you’ve got the time.I can tell you that 1. it has no Explorer integration, 2. load up is slow3. UI’s a bit slow4. tip of the day keep showing me the same thing for daysetc.But, if you are a programmer who have to work with a number of programming languages on a daily basis, you’d appreciate the fact that you can open a single source file, and expect to have intellisense, complete function/class tree display, symobl list/search etc.Some may even find the keyboard emulation feature a lot use full (especially those VIM nuts 🙂 and it does have plenty of very unique features.Check it out.


  2. Heya,This thread is a bit crusty however, I figured I would throw in my 2 cents… ;)My personal FAV. is Notepad++. Great FREE text editor.


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