Vista: Accessing Samba server?

I can’t find anything about it in Google and I don’t have time right now to pursue the matter, but my new Vista installation steadfastly refuses to talk to my file server, running Samba on a Linux machine. I can try to connect to the share and I’m asked for my authentication, but Vista doesn’t like my username/password combination, no matter what I do. I did manage to connect to a Windows XP machine, so I guess they just killed the protocol once again…

1 Comment on Vista: Accessing Samba server?

  1. I think you may find that this issue is to do with the latest security patches that MS will have included in the platform. When they released hotfixes for Win XP they blocked samba share to most devices including their own CE devices. To fix this problem you need a fix from MS the number for it is KB895900. e-mail me for more info about this.SarahHave a look at my site for more info on this.


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