Installing Vista beta 1

I just decided to just let it run next to some other things. Worked nicely in VMWare, I don’t understand what all the people are talking about, what with the problems creating an installation partition. I just used the standard tool there was to create a new partition and format it – one minor glitch here, I had to reboot the installation between creating the partition and formatting it, because the format function would just do nothing at first.

The installation process itself is funny. It starts of with a first step, which has a nice progress bar and is quite fast anyway. Then, when you think this must have been it, the system reboots and starts doing a lot of the real stuff, apparently, which has only an activitity bar that doesn’t show how far the process has actually progressed. Interesting design choice, because this second step takes, as an estimate, three or four times as long as the first.

Anyway, installation finished without further problems after about 35 minutes. Obviously the standard settings of the VMWare display driver aren’t that great, I’ll have to see about that now.

2 Comments on Installing Vista beta 1

  1. If you want to take full advantage of Vista (Aero) you need a DirectX9 graphics card…


  2. Yes – but what’s even worse for me, the current VMWare drivers / Vista combination doesn’t let me resize my window to the client size any more, something I’m normally always using to stretch the window to the size of one of my vertical screens, or across multiple screens. For now it’s back to the stone age (VMWare wise) where only the standard resolutions work… šŸ˜¦


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