Where is Monad’s profile.msh?

Apparently, I’m the only guy out there who doesn’t know this, but I found myself wondering where the much-quoted user config file profile.msh could be found in my installation of the Monad beta. The only information I was able to find after quite a while was that it should have been in {systemdrive}Documents and Settings{username}, but it wasn’t there. I’m sure this is really documented in some place I couldn’t find, but I eventually used Filemon to find the location where msh.exe is looking: {my documents}mshprofile.msh. Ha! I also found that another location is also looked at (first, actually), namely {all users documents}mshprofile.msh.

So now I’ve published this here, I won’t have to find it out again next time, and maybe someone else can benefit from it as well. 🙂

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