My five headed desktop :-)

Today, I saw James Kendrick brag about his three headed desktop, and I thought well, that’s something I can better him at. So here’s a picture of my five headed desktop (six if you count the calculator that accidentally made the shot :-)):

Click the image for a slightly larger version

Huh, now we’re talking 🙂 And that’s just before I turn around to look at my second desktop computer and the laptop!

6 Comments on My five headed desktop :-)

  1. Hey, no fair counting Pocket PCs- they all have to be one big Windows desktop. 🙂 BTW, what tablet is that?


  2. What is that strange Keyboard ? juste curiousBTW, you could have cleaned your mess for the picture 😀 😀


  3. Do i win with my 6 headded desk? ( 🙂 i also used the pocket PC as a screen, but without its still 5! 🙂


  4. James: That’s a Motion Computing M1400 VA. Very nice thing!EZToms: That’s a Kinesis keyboard, like they have in Men in Black 🙂 (True.) See here: No prices, sorry 🙂


  5. Alex Danvy // May 14, 2005 at 8:14 am // Reply

    Where’s your windows mobile Smartphone and SPOT watch ? 😛


  6. I want that! 😛


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