Developer Express gives away free Refactor! for VB.NET 2005

You can find their original announcement here and this link at Microsoft tells you much more about Refactor! itself.

With the availability of new C# refactoring functionality in VS.NET 2005, Microsoft seem to have noticed the lack of similar functionality for Visual Basic developers. That’s why a cooperation was struck up with Developer Express for them to offer their fantastic DXCore-based refactoring product in a free version to VB.NET 2005 developers.

There’s lots of additional information on Refactor! available at the Developer Express website, also about the Professional version (which also works with C#, very recommended!) and the companion (parent?) product CodeRush for VS.NET. A white paper has been made available about Refactoring in Visual Basic .NET 2005 that’s really worth a read.

The free download of Refactor! for VB.NET 2005 is available here:

There are three ways to get support for this version of Refactor!. You can contact the Developer Express support directly at, the Visual Basic IDE Forum at Microsoft’s is open to questions and suggestions at and finally Developer Express have opened a newsgroup called devexpress.public.dotnet.refactor.vb on their news server (you can find all the information you need to get connected to the news server at

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