Weird Windows looks

Today I saw on the web the homepage of Jeff Relf. Of course that’s just my personal opinion, but that guy has a really weird visual setup in his Windows! The first thing I saw was this shot of a Visual Studio window (click the image for the full-size version):

(I downloaded this image to my server to avoid creating too much traffic for Jeff. The original source is here.)

If you like what you see, on the web page you can find a user stylesheet for Firefox that’ll make web pages look just the same!

4 Comments on Weird Windows looks

  1. Gosh, it sure it a bit off the standard setup, isn’t it…Kind of took me back at least a decade or so to some old DOS boxes I had.


  2. I find that surprisingly many people like to work with a colour-on-black setup in their editor windows. While that somehow made sense in DOS times because the whole screen would have been glaring white otherwise, it’s not too useful in Windows, IMO.


  3. That’s actually an improvement over the default Fisher-Price theme that ships with Windows XP.


  4. Oh well, it’s a matter of taste, of course. I happen to like the Fisher Price theme somehow… at least after getting used to it over the years. Let’s call this an advanced example of the flexibility of the Windows window manager 🙂


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