7 Comments on ILIDE# – an IDE for MSIL code

  1. Hi, I’m the ILIDE# developer. Just say the homepage for the program has changed to http://www.mag-sys.net/ilide/default-en.aspx, where you can download version 3.0


  2. any word on when the english version of the download will be available. I get a SQL error when I attempt to download v3 beta


  3. Kevin, you should try again. It definitely works for me.


  4. Rob Thompson // August 16, 2005 at 9:20 am // Reply

    I have also tried and it does not want to work.Is there anywhere else I can download it from?


  5. Interestingly, the old link to the page (from my original article) works, but then there’s a SQL server error when I try to download. The new link that was given in the first comment doesn’t seem to work at all at the moment. Hm.I found a few other blog articles, even about version 3.0, which point to the same url http://www.mag-sys.net/ilide/default-en.aspx , so I guess this should really be correct.


  6. If anyone is having difficulty getting ILIDE#, I have shared it on the Gnutella/eMule networks. You will need a client to download it, like http://www.shareaza.comHere are the file hyper-links.magnet:?xt=urn:bitprint:D4SSZBCUVU3BLW4AS3WRYKUWYATPJZFZ.72CLQD3GPQ37ASF6IAUX7QQWPM2Z2YZNXLEK76Q&dn=ILIDE%23_v3p0179934705.ziped2k://|file|ILIDE%23_v3p0179934705.zip|1897315|0b1bcd0570e6dc8b9e8b2e8db3642bc3|/.


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