SMS to Skype

Connectotel has introduced a service (currently in beta test) where mobile phones can be used to send messages to Skype users. If you use Skype and you want to be able to receive messages sent to you by SMS, all you have to do is add a pseudo user to your contact list.

In short, this is what you do:

  • Register a Skype contact called “smsgateway”.
  • Send an SMS message with your mobile phone to the number +447747782320, formatted like this:

       skype johndoe This is a message to johndoe

    Where “johndoe” would be the Skype name of the recipient, of course.

  • Wait a few seconds…

Of course you can optionally store that number in your phonebook if you want to use it more often.

The original instructions can be found here.

1 Comment on SMS to Skype

  1. Here’s the FAQ for the “SMS to Skype” service:


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